Bow Tucks Tips

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Bow Tucks tricks

You "sandwich" the handles between the lining and the outside fabric. Think of creating a sandwich with the wrong side of the lining up; Handles are placed underneath the lining and the raw edges of the handle are even with the raw edge of the lining; the last layer is the outside fabric positioned so that the right side is touching the handles.

I sew around the top before turning the bag right side out. Then you can do some stationary or top stitching around the edge around the top. This top stitching will also help stabilize the position of the handles.
This might help - Bow Tuck Tote Pictorial Tutorial - by knlsmith
We decided to leave out the pocket that goes all around the inside of the purse (I prefer to grope instead.) and that made it a lot easier. If I did it again, I'd put one pocket inside. We did three and after the first one was figured out, the others went very quickly.
Well, I generally cut wof first to keep from coming up short. You will be cutting your 38" piece in half to make your 2 handles. They will be roughly 15-151/2" when attached to your bag. It is up to you, if that is long enough. If not, do you have enough of one of the other fabrics that you used for your bag? You could cut handles from it. Or, instead of a bag that you can put over your shoulder, you would maybe be just as happy with shorter handles.

about the sleeve: 1) If too wide, take it in lengthwise 2) If not long enough to turn under perhaps you could add wide ribbon or bias tape to the end. Then you could add velcro or two snaps which would be hidden when turned under the board. 3} When I did not have enough fabric length on one board, I added contrasting material to both ends so the result appeared to have been planned...
about stitching the tie to the end of the bow tucks bag: I stitch it on by using a rectangle -- across, down x stitches, across on bottom, up x stitches and back tack to secure the ends. With this technique, I've not had any difficulty with the ties becoming undone.
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