Brother Charger 441- how to thread

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by , 07-16-2013 at 03:45 PM (1343 Views)
I was recently given this machine as a gift, but it came with no instruction manual. This is my first machine, and my first project is a block quilt. Since there is minimal information online, I thought I would post the very basic things I've come gotten worked out. I'll start with how to thread the machine. There are pictures for each step.

1)Put the thread on one of the posts, unwinding to the left and behind. (It may not matter if it is to the left and in front, but I haven't experimented with that)

2)Wind the thread through the back thread guide.

3)Wind thread through the front thread guide.

4)Drop thread straight down through the clasp. Wind around to the right, in between the two pressure plates.

5)Take thread back up through the clasp, making sure to engage the tension spring/hook.

6)Make sure needle is all the way in the up position- if it isn't, spin the wheel on the right end until it is at its uppermost position. Feed thread through right to left.

7)Drop thread straight down, back through the clasp. If you look at the very bottom of the slit on the front, directly up from the needle, you'll see a small hook you need to feed the thread down through.

8)Wrap thread through thread guide to the left of the needle.

9)Thread the needle right to left.

Next post I'll show how to wind the bobbin, insert it, and engage the bobbin thread.

Following that, I'll point out the physical features of the machine and what their functions are.
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