Brother dream maker

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by , 08-12-2014 at 06:41 PM (628 Views)
The new Brother Dream Maker sewing, quilting, embroidery machine- with every bell and whistle possible- does anyone know what it costs?!
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  1. June Lynn's Avatar
    I googled it..found $3800 to $5000...
    I know PFAFF has a program where you can buy a machine and make pmts with NO INTEREST as long as the monthly pmts. aren't late. I've got 2 more years on my CREATIVE PERFORMANCE. Love it!
    Always test out any machine first. I've had a Bernina for over 30 years and
    she still runs super but before I bought a new computerized machine, I tested them. I am so glad I tested different brands. I did not like the new Bernina and ended up with PFAFF.
    If you want your machine to last, do not buy it from a big box store. They have a lot of plastic parts inside. The sewing and quilt shops have much better machines - not as much plastic, offer classes if purchased so you can get familiar with all the features of your machine. Just my 2 cents. Good luck on your search!

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