Brother Nouvelle 1500S Problem - skipping stitches

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by , 03-11-2017 at 03:13 AM (341 Views)
hi all,
I purchased this machine a few years ago and used it for a while with success. I fmq a t-shirt quilt (which is so different from a cotton quilt) and i didn't have any problem with skipped stitches at that time. to note, the function of straight seaming and also when using the quilting foot works perfectly.

When trying to FMQ i get ugly, large skipped stitches. I did have success on smaller quilt sandwiches, so I am thinking it may be error on my part, but not totally convinced
Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. Lcw3540's Avatar
    Did you use a stabilizer? If the material is too stretchy, you will need it.
  2. Adrienne21's Avatar
    no, i am having trouble, (not with t-shirt quilt) but regular cotton fabric quilt.
  3. colores's Avatar
    Change the needle. Make sure the thread slides easily through the eye. Check your tension. Rethread entirely including the bobbin.
  4. Adrienne21's Avatar
    colores- thanks for your response. I think my thread may have been too large for the needle. Also drag and my moving the quilt too quickly around curves. Lots of issues.

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