A Bucket of Strips

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by , 01-25-2012 at 02:41 PM (1512 Views)
Quite a few months ago my husband and I saw an ad in the newspaper for an estate sale that said "Fabric". Well, that was an understatement to say the least. I've been to fabric stores with less fabric than we saw here. It was the home of a fabric designer who was quite alive and well.

I won't go into everything we got there (a LOT) but there were several large storage bins full of strips. She was apparently making baskets from some of them. At $5 a bin -- and that included the bin! -- I took them. Yes, "them" -- there were three.

So fast forward to the fall when I decided to make some table runners with a tiny bit of the strips. I pulled out several fist fulls and crammed them into a bucket. I pulled out all the fall colors and made one which I sent to a secret pal. Then I pulled out all the batiks and they are sitting sewn together on a shelf.

I did actually pull out the greens and made a little lap quilt for my living room.

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It had some troubles and broke my Babylock, but in the end I rather like it.

Back to the bucket. The rest of those strips have been sitting in my tiny office/studio ever since. Three days ago I started sewing them together. At first, I grouped colors. Then I sort of lost my mind.

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Then, armed with my handy dandy 9 1/2" Omnigrid square, I started cutting squares.

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There were still a zillion strips left so I sent them to someone on the RAK list. (Good luck to you! I hope you don't lose your mind, too.)

So here is my tentative plan ... hahahaha!

I will cut them into HST's and pair with black. Then what ... who knows. I never really know.
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  1. Havplenty's Avatar
    nice scrap strips. my eyes are just dancing imagining them those strips in my hands under my rotary cutter. snapping myself back to reality. i may need to get your help on the blog thing. i think i will journal my psq journey on a blog.
  2. brenda21's Avatar
    I have done just that with some buckets of strips inherited from my granny...first one I did was for her since gave me all of the strips...had to fight family members to get it back when granny passed away!! Just finished one a few months ago that I was going to tie instead of quilt, and before I could do anything, youngest son swiped it and has it on his bed haha.
  3. erstan947's Avatar
    Now that's my kind of quilting!!! What fun
  4. wanda lou's Avatar
    What wonderful job you did.
  5. Ladybug 1938's Avatar
    I have a friend who loves strips also... Has made many many many lap quilts from 9" squares..
  6. annthreecats's Avatar
    Love all the colors. Your blocks are beautiful.
  7. tedytrser's Avatar
    Oh my is all I can say, how very luck you were to find the treasure. I wish I could find something like this.

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