Buddy's story/wedding

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by , 02-09-2012 at 06:28 PM (804 Views)
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You may remember we lost a dog last summer

Mark and I wondered if we should add another dog, or if we should leave well enough alone:

We had decided to let Shimano live her days in contentment--and besides once easy dog, one cat, four rabbits, and five horses is plenty!

But, last weekend my sister texted me a photo of two puppies someone had abandoned at her home--out in the country. One golden boy, and a tiny black girl. I waved the pictures in front of hubby saying "she says their part laaab...." and he said "let's go see them." So we did. Since I chose all the horses and their names, I left this one to Mark. I loved the sweet tiny docile girl, but Mark fell hard for the wee boy. And home he came. I thought he looked like a Buster or a Buddy; after trying several names, Mark said since he'd called him Buddy five times, that might as well be it. :-D

I had one week of school left, so I called my dad, who lives two miles away, for help. He loves to lend a hand to help us with our menagerie. :wink: I adjusted my morning chores--getting up at 5:10 instead of 5:30, and Mark slept on the couch for night potty runs. (This is a strong sign of just how badly he wanted this dog.) Actually, who am I kidding, all routines are altered. Rachel is home for four days and readily agreed to take night runs to give Mark a break. But, Buddy is a sweet sweet boy and we feel so blessed to add him to the family. My friend Angie says he's a smile with fur. :lol:

Shimano. We have totally respected her space. Everything has been done gradually. She avoided Buddy at all costs for many days, but now enjoys his company when he's mellow. If he is rambunctious, she keeps her distance. I tell her often how I appreciate how easy she is, and we commiserate on what a goof this new puppy can be.

He goes to the vet on Wed, but there's so much Parvo going around, they want him to wait in the van until his room is ready. So, I may ask if they'll do a barn call.

My students gave me a $50 gift card to Country Max (among many other things!) so my daughter and I found $100 of stuff he know he needs. :wink:

So far, most everyone thinks he's mostly lab, maybe some retriever. Do you have an idea?

That's the story, here are the photos.

I love this one.
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I will have to be strong in discipline with that face.
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Welcome home.
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The "I'm sorry" look.
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Smart pup.
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checking out his crate
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photogenic boy
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His ears play too. lol
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my daughter dropped the ball as I snapped the picture
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  1. BETTY62's Avatar
    He is too cute. I love the white strip up his nose and his beautiful eyes. He sort of looks like a Buddy. Congratulations on your new family member.
  2. mighty's Avatar
    He is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. penster47's Avatar
    I suppose he is full grown now, but he sure was a sweet and beautiful puppy.

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