buying a used embroidery machine

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by , 06-10-2013 at 07:46 AM (1604 Views)
Does anyone know if 685 hours of use is too much ? I'm looking at a used Husq. Vik designer 1
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  1. homebody323's Avatar
    I have a D1 and it does a terrific job. Drive it and listen, you will know if it is still in good condition. It's not the number of hours it's been used, it's the way it was used. ie heavy denims, leathers etc will wear any machine out faster.I also have an 1100 viking sewing machine and I bought it about 1986 I do all my leather work (not embroidery machine) on it.
  2. patski's Avatar
    Thanks a lot, I went with a new Ruby because the dealer gave me such a good deal
  3. Jingle's Avatar
    Good decision, new is always the best route. Just like buying a pick up. Hard telling how it was used.
  4. franklindixie's Avatar
    Goodness No, that's not a lot of hours. But...I'd be leery of a D1 unless the price was fabulous. That model has been out for around 15 years, and floppy disks are totally passe. You're at the point where you have no warranty on electronics & the screen is at the age where it should be replaced. I'd look for something else, but that's just my opinion

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