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by , 08-06-2013 at 12:31 PM (655 Views)
I am a new memeber to this blog. I noticed a discussion about taking sewing machines on a camping trip. I am going camping in a pop-up for 3 weeks. Would love to take my machine. Has anyone ever taken their machine in a pop-up? I noticed no one took it in a tent. My main concern is condensation. Of course when I am not using the machine, it will be in my pop-up. We are dry inside, but it is cool in the morning (Maine) and there is some general dampness. I am leaving this Friday Aug. 9, 2013. I hope someone sees my question and will take time to respond. Thanks.
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  1. lildinks2013's Avatar
    i'm not really qualified to answer this but common sense tells me with condensation, it may affect yoru machine. If it were me,I'd rather be safe than sorry, but use your own judgement.
  2. QITogether's Avatar
    You might try taking some desiccant with you and storing with your sewing machine. It certainly won't hurt the machine. this is a link that sells the stuff, but Im pretty sure you can pick up DampRid at Walmart or Home Depot (or something like it). If it isn't in a little pouch, I am sure you could make something with little effort. Have fun!
  3. dnvrquilter's Avatar
    I have a Bernina 440 that is my take along machine we have a 5th wheel but even then I buy those little disposible closet dehumidifiers from walmart they are about $4.00 and put one where I keep my machine I also have one in every closet here at home plus one in my sewing room closet and one next to my fabric storage racks, anyway one of those might help have fun on your trip.
  4. applesauce's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your picture of the baby quilt. I have a panel in my stash and was wondering how I was going to use it. Your picture gave me the answer!

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