Can anybody tell me what they think of this sewing machine?

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by , 10-26-2013 at 03:46 PM (1679 Views)
I'm looking at a sewing machine on CL and would like to get some opinions on this model and reputation: Voguestitch 110 >> asking price is $40, mentions that it's been cleaned, serviced and runs nice. Thanks ever so much.
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  1. PBobbin13's Avatar
    Looks like what is known as a Japanese clone machine, which is a take off on an older Singer. Bonnie Hunter stitches on an Atlas and a Morse so there is interest in getting these beauties cleaned up and doing what they were designed to do - make beautiful quilts!!
  2. cookiemonster's Avatar
    Looks in good condition, I was donated a great singer sew machine that looks lot like your image. Make all my quilting on it.. Prefer over modern machine. My advice, before bringing home, take a look at fanbelt, the rubber around the wheel, that is in good shape. If it breaks you can replace easily..

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