Canadian quilters!

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by , 05-27-2014 at 11:29 AM (954 Views)
Lots of Canadian quilters? How's weather in your area, and what are you working on? Here MB is humid 25C with 5C overnight. Managed to get some flowers planted in this difficult soil and potatoes. Hope your summer is a great one. Started cutting up some tumbler blocks for a ABC donation quilt to our guilds.
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  1. kariboo's Avatar
    It's been rainy & miserable here in the caribou for most of the week. so sewing was in order. Made a quilted teapot cozy, for my brother in-law his special request. I did manage to do a bit of weeding between rain drops, On the plus side at least there's lots of water in well. So looking forward to June and sunny days.
  2. cookiemonster's Avatar
    Summer weather has settled in, weather varies daily, rain & sun, grass is growing rapidly and farmers have their crop into the ground, wishing for perfect weather condition to grow their crops. Myself have gotten into habit of setting aside Sunday to sit read, quilt basically no work at all.. No dishes, laundry, vacuum etc.. I finishing books now, which is a great treasure.

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