Cash register tape scrappy quilt...left the paper on, quilted and then washed...

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by , 07-21-2013 at 04:02 AM (4257 Views)
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I sewed scraps on cash register tape (idea from someone here).

I found the thinner tape here in Poland but then when perusing a Five and Dime type store in downtown Newton, KS, in May when we were in the states, came across some almost 4" wide register tape--no doubt it fits an antique machine that is no longer in usage anymore. I bought all they had, and will use it up this way.

I save my scraps but sometimes the scraps are really in strange shapes and sizes and difficult to cut into 2" or larger pieces.

Before washing:

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I sew the scraps on the paper tape when I'm totally uninspired or just need to use up the ends of my bobbins so I can fill them up anew---it is mindless sewing.

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I did another one first, but then I stupidly washed it WITHOUT finishing the quilt first because I lacked the patience to pick out the tape from the back of the stitching. Needless to say, I have a lot of repairs on that top...

So, I asked here a while ago what people did and one lady suggested that she washed hers after it was quilted with the paper still on and no one is/was the wiser....

So, I tried it. I finished it today and washed it today. It turned out even better after washing...

Anyway, after washing this completed quilt, I'm totally pleased. It's drying now.

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