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by , 11-02-2011 at 04:10 PM (978 Views)
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You know those days?? The days when you get up to a sick child, a late rush to get the other one to school on time and the then she doesn't want school lunch?
yeah that was this morning.

But I am ok with that because now I have a few minutes before I have to go to work and things have calmed down. ANd somehow when I talk to my grandma I realize that someday I will miss these days and I often wonder what am I going to do with an empty nest someday? I know it is kind of a few years away but I can't help but think of what will fill my days and who will make me laugh at the end of each day and who will I tuck in at night and who is going to watch Veggie Tales with me? Sure, there is always my husband...but to be honest I don't tuck him in and he likes action movies and he does make me laugh sometimes ( he usually tells all the same jokes..hehe) and he and I have a few things in common but I wonder if I will appreciate the quiet...the lack of energy that we will have around us because

I love when I pull up into my driveway and every light in my house is on... I walk into my home each night ( we have a split level) and they hear the door shut... and I hear all of these" HI MOms" coming from all over and no matter which room I walk into there is a pair of people talking, playing, listening to music or some sort of action going on. I can't imagine walking in and hearing silence...I guess that is what dogs are good for? :roll:
Anyway that is just what I am thinking today when all is said and done the stress of school, balancing life, and work will all go away and I will remember allof the good stuff....kind of like labor You forget long enough after your first baby to try for another...

I hope we all remember the good things today and live in the moment because these moments we will never get back.
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