Charismah's Crumbs?

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by , 11-02-2011 at 04:11 PM (874 Views)
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Finally finshed my pink/black/white scrappy tube quilt! Love that tutorial...used a big pink and white polk a dot on the that fabric..may have to buy some more!
Just put borders on tonight after school. Quilting helps me settle down.

Today was a BUSY day at work and then off to school...brain was tired were feet...tried to study muscle..yuck! only 10 days left until test to learn 200 names of muscles that I can't hardly prounounce..tomorrow I will need to put a plan in place to get this monster results of last lab test...72% not horrible ..wish it were better...muscles aren't looking good either oh well just need to buckle down...MOnday we will get results from the test from this last monday...hoping I did better? but I probably didn't. :cry:

But we have a birthday party tomorrow for one of my boys he will be 12.....we have another birthday next weekend he will be 13...and the beat goes on.....somehow I will learn muscles...throw a birthday party or two and sew a few a few days ..clean house and make a couple dinners and ...mayeb sleep...who needs it anyway? :?:
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