Charismah's Crumbs?

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by , 11-02-2011 at 04:12 PM (1253 Views)
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HI Amma,
I think you are right..there is a natural progression to everything. I know I will be ok and that it is kind of a long ways off....just hard to think about change sometimes. But isn't that part of life? Just when we center our life around these precious souls we will do anything to protect them and then they have to go away from us.

But hopefully I will have many grandkids to fill that void within my heart of course in the right timing! lol. I wonder sometimes if us women ever get over the "baby" yearning? ops:
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  1. Lynneander's Avatar
    So many changes have taken place over the past few weeks! It is nice to catch up. I have been to New Hampshire for my granddaughter's first birthday. While there I was able to help my daughter and her family prepare to move from their current home to a new residence. Of course, near the end of the trip (and packing day), there was a huge snow storm which dumped about 3 feet of snow. Living in New Mexico, snow is something I don't usually see. Oh well, an experience!
    When I returned home, Charlie and I finally sold and closed on our home, so we went house hunting. Luckily we are both in agreement and finding a home was very easy. We found a lovely place and should be able to move in a few weeks. I see much packing in my future!
    We also have a new member in the family. We rescued a beautiful one year old great dane named Marmalade. She is a very sweet girl with a lovely disposition.
    Many changes in our home ... life is good.
    Thinking of you and wishing you all happiness.

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