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by , 11-02-2011 at 04:13 PM (973 Views)
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Today was my Son Carl's Birthday Party he actually turns 12 on sunday but we had his party today. what a busy day ...I worked then managed to fit borders on a scrap quilt while they played for a bit and ...I hear the "herd" tromping all over..... it is kind of funny ...our Vet lives a few houses down from us and he has a couple of girls and one of them my oldest son Bryce has had a crush on for quite some time. Well she has a friend over almost every weekend and we always have a handful of extra boys here on the weekends along with our four..tonight of course was no exception especially with a birthday party and so the " Ding Dong Ditch" war began. This has been happening off and on since last summer.
So if the doorbell rings they all go tromping through the house to get outside as soon as possible to see where the girls are hiding...the dog actually found them this afternoon...kudos to Gracie ( our Matsiff) then the boys will wait a couple hours and go ding dong ditch them. Then it our is crazy and in summer it went on for hours....kind of cute because sometimes the girls hide really well..adn one of teh parents said to me " Do you just let them do this all night?" Well yes I do because A: I remember the feeling when I was a kid and also because it is harmless all of us parents know what is going on...until something bad happens it is innocent. I am sure in a few years I will be cleaning toilet paper out of my trees as well..all 4 of my boys play football and wrestle along with a sorted many other things...I am just getting paid back for all the times I did these things!

MEMORIES! That is what they are creating and I will let them.

We watched a Christmas Carol in 3D tonight...Our family actually went last weekend as well..but Carl wanted to see it with his friends again. That movie is kind of scary..I think.
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