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by , 04-29-2012 at 04:58 PM (1212 Views)
I'm co-chair of my guild's charity committee and spend quite a bit of time putting together quilt top kits with donated fabric. I love doing this, but am getting to the point of total brain freeze when trying to come up with new, easy but fun quilt top patterns to keep the ladies interested.

Do any of you have a favorite pattern you like to do for a quick and easy quilt top? I have EQ7, so pictures would be as welcome as links.

Thank you in advance!
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  1. Helena's Avatar
    Here's an easy quilt we just did for our Linus Project. Make 20 blocks of different colorful fabrics each 9" square. Put into two groups of 10 each. Cut Group A lengthwise into two pieces and stich together but for the second piece, take a completely different print from the pile. Now cut these sewn blocks horizontally and stitch, again using different print from the pile. Do the same with the second pile of 10 pieces.

    The sashing of 3" will coordinate the entire quilt and what you have is a very interesting child's quilt with many patterns to be discovered.
  2. singerbabe's Avatar
    Thanks, Helena!
  3. judykay's Avatar
    I don't have a favorite but if you google charity quilts or even free quilt patterns you will come up with tons of ideas.

    Good Luck

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