Charity Workshop

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by , 11-05-2011 at 09:19 PM (734 Views)
Today was great! Some of the members of our guild got together to specifically work on Charity Projects. We usually work independently to get our projects done, but it sure was fun to work together.
We made touchy-feely quilts for the blind, autistic, and those with Alzheimer's.
We made some pillowcases and bags for our Hospice House. The pillowcases seem to cheer up the rooms a little, and they use the bags to put coloring books and crayons in for children who are visiting.
We also got a head start on our Relay for Life quilts for next year.
There are various other charity projects that we do throughout the year, like making pillow cases and Christmas stockings for the troops. What a wonderful way to give back.
I am enjoying the enthusiasm our members have for helping others.
A bonus: I learned how to do a proper French Seam today!
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  1. candykisses31061's Avatar
    That is so great! I used to do quilts for afganistan soldiers red, white and blue! Where do you live but I see now Iowa. I live in a small town in Georgia.

    [email protected]
  2. LeslieFrost's Avatar
    Dawn Marie: I love to read your news about the activities of your Guild. I've gotten lots of good ideas from you! This one will go on my list.

  3. carolynjo's Avatar
    Dawn Marie, our Guild had a sew in last month where we made quilts to give to our local Avocacy center. We try to give them many at Christmas, but the need is so great. In our little town, child abuse is up about 40% this year and they have already had over 900 children go through their program. Will it never end? We keep sewing and stuff dogs, make small bags and quilts of all sorts and sizes.

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