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by , 09-20-2013 at 04:45 PM (994 Views)
Ok, we are doing a challenge to just enjoy our own work. There is no shipping, you can use up scraps, no requirements on what to make. We just want to see how each person interprets the theme.

So here are the challenge rules:

1. Every month has a theme, you must stay within the theme but other than that you are free to think outside the box.
2. Make a small item: table runner, mug rug, wall hanging, tote bag, mouse pad, etc.
3. DO NOT show your item to anyone in chat before the reveal day.
4. Send a photo to Sew_Tracy at [email protected] before the due date, she will post the slide show on the 1st.
5. Anyone is welcome to join in,

Here are the due dates and themes:

Due Oct 31st: November - Harvest Theme (fruit/veggie/nut somewhere in piece)
Due Nov 30th: December - Orphan Train (use an orphan block for something )
Due Dec 31st: January - Unique Snowman (go outside the box on this one)
Due January 31st: February - Black and White and Red all over (lets see what that inspires in you)
Due February 28th: March - Crazy as a March Hare (make at least one crazy patch quilt block)

More will be added as we come up with ideas
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