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Just my odds and ends drawer, really. Chewing over potential projects and attempting to push myself into completions!*

  1. Fabric Madness, or stuffing my emotions today

    by , 12-06-2018 at 10:51 AM (The Grins and Grimaces of Cheshirepat)
    I've just been having one of *those* days...a no-good, very bad day I guess. Plans go awry, people get on your last nerve, get sad news, you mash your 'bad' hand into a hard surface and have to ice it for a while - you know.

    So although I'm still but piecing and figuring out my first ever One Block Wonder, I'm buying fabric I NEED for the next one! I'm sure there are more productive ways of dealing with it all, but honestly, if I didn't get this fabric and it 'went away' forever? ...
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