Chicken Fowl Quilt...NEVER SAY NEVER

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by , 10-09-2012 at 06:54 AM (1532 Views)
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The first Chicken Fowl Quilt I made for someone (as a beginner/early intermediate quilter). I met a lady at a quilt show, she wanted this quilt and I volunteered to do it for her. DUH What was I thinking? It took months of dreading, doing, fretting, doing. When completed, I said I will never do that again. The quilt inspector is checking out the back side and cross stitching the back should look as good as the front.

Fast forward two years...the phone rings, lady dialed wrong number. She had seen my chicken quilt in local newspaper. Her best friend loves chickens, would I made this quilt for her in time for Christmas. OK It is October. I am digitizing it on Masterworks (another learning experience).

Good news:

Keep something long enough, you will eventually use it. Four embroider in the hoop projects in order to gain experience with hoops. This project to gain experience with digitizing program. And too many UFOs to count BUT I did finish four last week.

Experience helps. First time, each paper pieced triangle border took me 8 hours. This time only 2 & it was fun.
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    I need to say the original pattern is by Debora Konchinsky. It is copyrighted so I need to mention that and this is pattern #9901 from her company Critter Pattern Works. Sometime while working on first one, I was looking at my old VCR taped shows of Simply Quilts from over ten years ago. I ran across one where Alex had Deborah and her husband on...small world...they were working as vendors at the quilt show in Florida where pattern was purchased.
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    My husband made me realize the first two chickens are too small. Back to PC to resize. I AM LEARNING SO I MUST NOT BE DEAD!!!!! Hahahaha

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