Christmas Day winding down--I need to re-wind!

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by , 12-25-2013 at 07:10 PM (811 Views)
We had the kids and g-boys over last night for Christmas big meal and presents--wish we didn't have to share with in-laws.
And today "read" the paper(with eyes closed) in my jammies until noon! Had a glorious Christmas with family and hope all of you did,too. I'm feeling bad for those families that have lost electricity due to ice in Michigan and other places, know how that is, so really hope that power restored quickly and all of you stay safe.

My daughter and I hitting a few stores tomorrow--mostly quilt related!(we aren't very good shoppers) so need to start flipping though quilt magazines and see if there are any patterns that I just MUST make!

Anyone up for setting a goal or two for New Year in regards to quilting? Mine are to get better at long arm; make at least one quilt just for me; and finish a stack n'whack and a mariner's compass that are staring at me in the sewing room! Oh, and I've started (ok, printed directions and gathered fabric) the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, Celtic Solstice--so would be nice to start that one. (and as soon as I figure out how to post pictures I can cross off that goal--think I need a different browser program??)


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