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cleaning wood

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by , 01-17-2011 at 06:26 AM (477 Views)
Murphy's Oil Soap is WONDERFUL stuff! Ginnie already gave the way it should be used...just make sure to rub it dry, so that no water is standing anywhere on the wood.

I use Homer's Furniture Restorer. It's great stuff, just keep in mind that it's basically a stripper with stain in it goes on, and comes right back off! Don't let it sit "wet" for long periods of time... and then finish with Homer's Beeswax with Orange Oil...give it a generous coat, and walk away...wait at least 20 minutes before wiping and buffing...and I usually put it on just before I go to bed and let it sit overnight, then buff in the morning.

If you HAVE to totally strip a piece, (try not'll never recapture that finish) then there are tutorials all over the web as to how to go about it...but check the tutes on Needlebar first...
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