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by , 06-27-2012 at 08:01 AM (979 Views)
The treadle irons have had the rust scrubbed into submission. They are painted and back together. After the repeated on and off, the top is fitted and screwed down. The treadle wheel no longer rubs away at the side panel thanks to washers and a bit of planing I did to the side.

I learned a bit about french polishing the shellac yesterday. The bit of linseed oil does help keep the surface workable a WEE bit longer. The process went well until a phone call. One section sat too long, and with one inadvertent swipe, I removed a layer of gold on the front decal along with a good layer of red from the dots. Much like money, when it's gone it is gone.

I keep trying to focus on the shiny finish, the name turned out beautifully crisp and clean. But my eye is drawn back to the garish silvered decal. Lesson learned the hard way.
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