Coconut Oil

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by , 11-25-2011 at 08:38 AM (1082 Views)
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I've used it for years instead of artificial fats in cooking. As for the "Coconut" odor, I LOVE it!!
I also rub it on my skin and I make a skin lotion both my daughters are glad to get. I barely cover Epsom Salts with water and heat till it's dissolved, then take off the heat
add a lot of Coconut Oil and mix now and then till it's chilled. This sinks in the skin fast..and of course since I read most of us are low in Magnesium, this gives us a bit more. And makes the skin look and feel good, especially for bruises and
scrapes. Since I work with wood often (I'm trying for a window seat in my tiny dining room, plywood is rough) I do tend
to get lots of splinters and scrapes.
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  1. Chrickett's Avatar
    the lotion sounds wonderful would you let me know the abounts of salse and inother words could I have the recipe for the loation.

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