Color Play with HSTs

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by , 02-13-2013 at 05:47 AM (863 Views)
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I love to use my EQ5. One of the things that fascinate me is how you can start with one idea and make so many new ones from the first one.

I used HSTs or Half Square Triangles in this tutorial. Here is my cut down method for making HSTs

while playing on my EQ5 the other day I started changing the color on a quilt block I had used in another Color Play tutorial I had written earlier. But that one was about turning the block (HSTs) and getting new layouts.

Only this time all I changed was the colors. I discovered a lot of different arrangements of this quilt block only using different colors and placing them in different places in the quilt block.

This fascinates me as to what you can do just by changing such a simple thing as the colors and how many colors you use.

I like deep contrast so the individual sections stand out from the others. If you use colors that are too close in value you will lose the design elements and it all becomes a hodge podge with no distinct design.

So watch what happens when you place colors in particular places in contrasting colors.

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