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Come Virtually Quilt with me Today - 6/24

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by , 06-25-2012 at 03:36 AM (624 Views)
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Ok I am new to quilting and just finished my first quilt and gave it to my mother in-law.. It was different shades of purple she loved it. Love reading all the infor on the quilters board but all the quilting lingo is confusing because I just don't have it down yet. Could you guide me to a sight where I can get familar with the lingo. Thanks all
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  1. Evil Angel's Avatar
    I am new as well and it seems you have to wing it at times. But its good to know that Im not the only newbee here
  2. kathbug's Avatar
    I have several old quilts from my moms family. I think maybe from my great great grandmother. How can I find out about how old they are? Does anyone know Thanks

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