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Compare Pfaff Expression 4.0 to Janome Horizon 7700

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by , 06-06-2012 at 08:20 AM (759 Views)
I have a Pfaff 7530 that has been wonderful and I have put many miles on it. However, it is having some possible computer problems. It slows down and stops. Won't go again until it's darn good and ready and the screen flashes all sorts of numbers while making sounds like and old-fashioned adding machine.

It has been the best machine I've ever had. Love the IDT.

I have heard good and bad reviews about the Expression 4.0 so I haven't dared to buy one.

I very briefly test drove the Janome 7700, but the salesperson admitted that she knew very little about it. They also sell Bernina and she much prefers them. I can't agree. Because my 7530 was having problelms I bought a 440QE 2 years ago and hated it. No long harp like I said I wanted. No low bobbin thread indicator - like I said I wanted. It pulled the threads down into the bobbin even if I had the single-hole needle plate on. It seemed hard to program. I just sold it for half of what it was worth. I would buy a Bernina 820 or 830 if I win the lottery!

I have been told that there are 4 computers in my Pfaff 7530 and that my problem is surely due to one of them--but which one? Do we start replacing computers or buy a new machine?

Has anyone tried both of these machines? If so, what is your opinion?

By the way, this is my first post and I have NO idea what I'm doing or what the "Additional" or "Miscellaneous" options mean!
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  1. pjaco's Avatar
    I have the expression 2.0 and really love it and I have 3 other Pfaffs. they are my favorite machines. And it really helps that I happened to win the expression at a quilt shop drawing. I do have one that is called Quilt Expression 2044 and it has a mother board going out, that's what they said when I put it in the shop. so he fixed it and told me not to adjust the lighting of the computer screen and it would last longer hopefully. so far so good.

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