Considering new machine-Brother Innov-is 950D-Needs Help

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by , 11-25-2011 at 06:37 PM (1111 Views)
I'm considering purchasing a Brother Innovis 950D sewing/embroidery machine. There is a rebate right now and $100 in supplies. Does anyone have one and do you like it. Need your advice.
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  1. Maggiesmom's Avatar
    I have the first of these machines which I use constantly for sewing and for small embroidery items. I have the larger Brother Quatro for big time embroidery. However, I do all of my basic quilting on my little 900D and in the 5 + years I have owned it I have never had one problem with it. It also does nice embroidery for the smaller hoop size.
  2. Crafty3790's Avatar
    I have the 1250 d I love it. I don't know the difference of the 2 but it's great.

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