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First of all I would like to say It is a MUST that you use 100% Cotten batting.( I used warm and Natural).
There are three sizes you can cut your fabric squares in:
1) !4" for round casserole dish
2) 12" for a medium casserole dish or larger bowl
3) 10"for a typical cereal bowl size.
Grab one of your bowls from the cupboard that you usually like to use for RE-HEATING and take it into your sewing room before you begin.
I am making mine in a 12" square because that is the size that seems to fit most of my bowls.
Cut 2-12" pieces of coordinating fabric and 2)-11-1/2 pieces of 100% cotten batting"

Place your batting on top of the WRONG side of each square, pin and quilt each piece as desired. You can use a thin backing piece, but it will add bulk when you have to sew the two together.

I just did a quick stipple on each square.

Now, on the batting side, mark a line down the center from top to bottom and from side to side on each square of your quilted

take the bottom of your bowl and draw a circle in the center with a sharpi

Now you fold the fabric in half and sew your darts in , open it up and fold the other way and sew in 2 more darts until you have a total of 4 darts (tucks) I took my darts in about 1/2 inch which would be one " total.

other side of sewing the darts

All 4 darts Do the same with the other sandwich and place right sides together.

Here is a pic of just one section of the bowl opened up... Can you start to see how it is shaping up after you have sewn in the tucks (dart's)?

Pin RIGHT sides together and be sure your tucks are in opposite directions to avoid the bulk. I pinned each tuck and also on all 4 corners. I forgot to add that you need to make a 3-1/2" opening so you can turn it right side out after sewing all around the edges.

Sew all around your edges leaving a 3-1/2" opening and be sure to backstitch on each side of the opening to reinforce your stitches. I sewed with a 1/2" seam all around. Now trim up to 1/4" of the stitching line.

Turn right side out through the opening making sure to push out all corners. fold in the opening and pin the opening. Take it back to your machine and TOP stitch all the way around being sure to catch the opening closed. This can be a little tricky because of the bulk, so don't accelerate too fast on that foot pedal. I found that useing my walking foot really helped to keep the fabric pushed down.

Here it is with the bowl inside of it (minus the soup) but I hope you get the right idea. If you noticed, the pic before this one was green and this one is little holly leaves. That is because you can reverse these either way. Don't forget, these are washable too and you can take the fabric bowl with the bowl inside right to your table without damaging the surface. I just want you to know , as with anything you use in the microwave ...CAUTION must be first especially with hot items. I have used mine for 2 weeks now and have not had any problems.Hope this help's for you to get a general Idea how to make your own. Have FUN!

From the "Hugs of Western Kentucky" site for soldiers:

Hugs (cool ties) Instructions

1. Use 100% cotton fabric (use beige to darker browns) , 45" - 52" wide. (fundraiser ones can be in other colors)

2. Cut strips in 5"widths of fabric.

3. Fold strip in half lengthwise, right sides together (Inside out).

4. Sew down long side, using a 3/8" seam allowance backstitching at start and stop. Use small stitch (12 stitches per inch or 2.0 setting). Sew second run the same way for double stitching to make it hold up.

5. Sew across ONE END ONLY.

6. Turn tie right side out (using a ¼" or 3/8" piece of metal tubing makes it easy, starting at sewn end pushing it in and then sliding down tubing)

7. This step is optional but makes it easier for sewing the rest. Press lightly along the seam itself to "open" it somewhat, then press tie flat with seam along one edge.

8. Fold tie in ½ and lightly press center to mark it allowing ¼" from open end. Mark 10" - 11" from each side of center with tailor's chalk, which will leave 20" - 22" in the center (this is where the polymer crystals will be held).

9. Locate the mark closest to the "closed" end and sew across it. Double stitch.

10. Using a funnel, push tie up on end of funnel till it passes the mark at the end not sewn and put 2 teaspoons of polymer crystals. NOTE: too many crystals will prevent the cool tie from draping around the neck.

11. Sew the mark nearest the open end closed trapping the crystals inside the middle.

12. Turn in a ¼" seam allowance on the unfinished end and sew across end to close tie.

13. You have finished making a HUG for one of our troops. Congratulations...

Smellies (fresheners) Instructions

1. Place uncooked rice in a bowl and add 5 drops of Essential oil (for fragrance) per cup of rice. Mix well and place in a Ziploc baggie and allow it to sit for 24 to 36 hrs.

2. Cut material into 4" x 6" pieces.

3. Fold in 1/2 and sew 2 sides together with ¼" seams leaving one end open.

4. Turn right side out and put enough rice to fill (not overfill) the bag (approx 1/4 - 1/3 cup).

5. Turn ¼" in and sew across to close. Takes 2 for each one of our troops (two feet = two smellies)

6. You have finished making Smellies for one of our troops. Congratulations...

quilts for soldiers

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From a Fat Quarter 18 x 22 You Can Get:

99 2 Inch Squares
56 2.5 Inch Squares
42 3 Inch Squares
30 3.5 Inch Squares
20 4 Inch Squares
16 4.5 Inch Squares
12 5 Inch Squares
12 5.5 Inch Squares
9 6 Inch Squares
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************************************************** ****************************************

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Projects by Catergories (These links were posted on the Quilting Board website and I am just organizing them so it will be easier to find at a glance in alphabetical order.

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