Couple of Tips for Dear Jane and anything else...

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by , 05-23-2012 at 09:08 AM (908 Views)
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I use freezer paper piecing (Thimbleberries method) for a lot of small intricate blocks like the DJ's. My great big roll of FP is 18" wide so I cut 6" WOF and then cut to 6" squares. Very cheap!! to print on them I use a piece of copy paper that I printed one block diagram on (I use the same one over and over).
Place the FB on the copy paper shiny side down and with your iron just run across the top edge of the FP. It loads really well into your printer and off you go! (One at a time is best)

These little boards are cut from foam display boards and I use them for blocking the DJ blocks using the spray starch and pin all around method for the wonky ones. Don't need for all, but what a help!! Boards available readily at Walmart, etc.

And finally a member showed how she used a ball-point pen top to hold her seam ripper, so I found this chap-stick tube (so I can put my tweezers in, too) and with a strip of the adhesive tape from the Command hooks I attached it and the little pin cushion right onto my machine!

Hope these help someone else!

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OK, I'm done! You can all go back to what you were doin'
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