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Hello everyone!

I thought of jumping in on a thread of my own. Gosh, this is gonna be hard as I don't really have much to say but I babble alot, so please bear with me I'm a stay at home due to disability, have 2 amazing kids (son 21 and daughter 11), my sweet baby girl who turned 5 (my avatar) and a wonderful boyfriend of almost 8 years.

I started quilting last year because I came up with the idea of making a t-shirt blanket for BF. So I did some research, got the materials and started and haven't stopped or gave up at all! The only thought that comes to mind regulary is "what did I get myself into" :lol: It has brought me pleasure and gratification as well. I actually have a "me" time to do whatever with whatever I have. I also love shopping, LOL. Fabrics are so pretty! I'll have to dig around the computer for pix of things I've made in the past.

Since joining the board I've met some really great people, gained a ton of knowledge about quilting stuff, love looking at everyone's beautiful quilts they have made and hope for many more year to come! So, Thank You Everyone for keeping my spirits up and continuing with quilting! Off I go for now as I'm trying to re-organize my sewing area. I'll post pics soon!

My current tote bag that I made!
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