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Hi Everyone,

I am still navigating and learning the new site here on the Quilting Board. I am working on putting the links on my blog here in order to make it easier to find things that I post here on my blog.

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Quilting Accessories:*

  1. Quilting Accessories

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    Quilting Accessories


    small scissor holder:
    Craftybear's Den
  2. Videos to watch on Quilting Projects

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    Hexagon Table Topper:
  3. Cleaning Sewing Machine Links and Tips

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  4. Craftybear 5 links per day list of links

  5. Craftybear OLD LINKS by DATES from Search

  6. How to Navigate on Quilting Board

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  7. ♥ Craftybear Den: Felix

    by , 11-03-2011 at 05:15 PM (Craftybear Den)
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    Remembering Felix

    My 10 year Shih Tzu dog that we rescued 2 years ago died April 2011 and the groomer sent us a Sympathy Card

    The Rainbow Bridge

    Just this side of Heaven is a place called The Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends
  8. Free Quilting Patterns

    by , 11-02-2011 at 10:04 PM (Craftybear Den)
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    Free Quilting Patterns, scroll down below the pictures to see the alphabetical orders of links, have fun
  9. ♥ Craftybear Links by Catergories

  10. How to Navigate around the new board

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