crash and burn

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by , 09-07-2012 at 06:48 AM (635 Views)
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The problem is, during the time I was e-mailing Greg of the TL company he would only put the basic corrections in writing. There were 3 reasons that I wanted it in writing. I wanted to verify that he acknowledged that I had problem, I wanted to be able to refere to this written word when ever I needed to and take that info to another tech for verification if necessary, and, not being a TL tech, It took me a while to decipher what in the world he was talking about. I don't thinik that he ever responded after I asked that all info be e-mailed to me instead of giving to me over the phone .

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You can always write to your Attorney General in your state capitol. Document your problem and he/she might be able to "lean on" the company to rectify the problem.
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  1. SoBuzy's Avatar
    Could you not get help from the dealer where you purchased your TL?
  2. margecam52's Avatar
    Greg did respond with some helps in writing. I also know he and the company are still working with your dealer (the one you decided to switch to) in order to get the machine working correctly.

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