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crazy quilts

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by , 05-29-2011 at 09:19 AM (571 Views)
Gorgeous colors. You could still add more embellishments if you desire. You can still add a border around the edge, looks like the pearls will be sewn over, but it still should work.
Lesson for next project, keep heavy embellishments from the edge. But lace and trims I take out to the edge for the border to cover the ends.
See my site for more examples!Click to see the current edition of the Quilted Paradise Digest
I would say you are on your way to a new passion! I have been cq-ing for about 13 years now. if you have any other questions you can pm and i will see what I can do for you!
Happy Stitching
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Gramie bj
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Location: Riverside Washington My DGM only put a binding on her crazy quilts. Nothing drew your eye away from her fancy stiching!
Gramie bj

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Location: Pine Grove, California I think your little crazy quilt is just lovely. The variety of fabric textures is very appealing to me and of course the colors.

Just an idea to ponder---If you really get excited about making these "little" quilts, consider donating one to Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initative . The quilts can be no larger than 9" x 12". Some are auctioned each month and some have a fixed price. This whole idea was started by Ami Simms, a big time quilter whose mother suffered from Alzheimers. ALL of the proceeds go to research to find a cure.
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