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nygal - Hi, I am also a NY girl from Brooklyn originally. I have been saving all the materials to make a Crazy Quilt for which I have been longing to start, and I believe I have all I will ever need. My biggest problem is I am unable to find a pattern, a template or anything having to do with a crazy quilt. You would never believe all the quilt magazines and books I have and not one of them have clear instructions to make a crazy quilt. Can you help me? I will pay for any instructions etc. I have spent days on the computer trying to find a pattern or template. I hope and pray you will be able to help me. You can contact me at: [email protected]
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  1. TootsieScott's Avatar
    There are instructions in The Complete Guide to Quilting by Better Homes & Gardens.
  2. TootsieScott's Avatar
    I forgot to mention that there is also Judith Baker Montano's book, The Crazy Quilt Handbook (revised, 2nd edition).
  3. Rose Bagwell's Avatar
    You can pick up lots of information on the internet. Just search for free crazy quilt patterns, you can also get lots of sites and also stitches to print out. I do crazy quilting and I love it. You might try the library 1st to check out a book.
    Hope you get started soon. Start a block on muslin, about 10-15 inches and start adding material in center and continue adding in a counter clockwise manner. Go to Quilters Cache and look for Crazy quilt block to get an idea.

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