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by , 11-03-2011 at 05:32 PM (1473 Views)
Had to start a new page because once we got to page 3, could not get back to page two. SOmeone can check this out and find us an answer. I know when we were on page 1, we could post and it would take us to page 2 once it changed. But when we hit page 3, could not go back to 2. I'll figure it out. Until then. We just keep posting to current blog page. Better than not having a place to chat at all.

So far I am finding other bloggers from the PDA sections. I am saving what I want from there to my original BLog, no on QB. Starting pretty fresh here.

So it is a good day now that my meds are working. I am going to get off and go back to my room. Still groggy and time to take more meds.

I am so glad we are trying to figure out the new QB as a group and sharing. The only thing I want to learn and figure out is posting pictures to my blog. I have some and always do.....miss that feature but it could be right unde rmy nose.
I think NP3 said dreamer knows how to. But just post pictures or post them in blog. WHo knows. Maybe create an album on here and then put them all there. There's always tomorrow to figure it out. I do know when I create a new post like this one, I can post one picture.
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  1. debbieumphress's Avatar
    OK so picture did not come thru. Arghhhhhh Maybe tomorrow. Night everyone....
  2. ksea's Avatar
    I am having a really hard time getting my post to come through and can't get pictures to transfer at all. I got my christmas wreath done, I used the tute that GrammaMo posted for doing bindings and it was pretty easy. It looks pretty good and I even have it all boxed and ready to take to Post office to send to Az.
  3. ksea's Avatar
    How do we know if someone is online?
  4. Rhonda's Avatar
    So This seems like Facebook. You have to get to the end of the post to comment. Not too bad. Just a bit confusing yet. but it will get easier. I have faith in us!! LOL
  5. Scrap Happy's Avatar
    Have a good night Debbie and sleep well.

    Hi ksea, good to see you. Hope you had a wonderful day.
  6. dublb's Avatar
    Hey Debbie I think that I found Ya'll. I'm so sorry about the shot in your elbow being so painful! I wanted to say that the therapy I went to made a huge difference for my back pain. I hope that yours helps you.
    I too aim having a hard time with the new board! But I'll keep trying.
  7. acesgame's Avatar
    Hey Debbie, you have motivated me to start my own blog. It won't be as long as yours, but hopefully interesting and perhaps theraputic.
  8. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Acesgame.....I won a half price retreat in Vanalstine and you did too. We need to talk to coordinatae. I got the email two days ago.....your name is on there as a winner too. We registered at the Quilt show. Wahoooo..... I'll check out your blog. How fun. I knew you'd like it if you ever got here and read more.
  9. zipit's Avatar
    Good morning!
  10. ksea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by zipit
    Good morning!
    Good morning Debbie, I found you on the first try this morning!! Yea me!!

    Hi zipit and anyone else who comes along, you all have a fantastic friday!!
  11. Scrap Happy's Avatar
    Good Morning Debbie and Friends, have a fantastic day and a fabulous weekend. (((((HUGS)))))
  12. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Zipit - Hope your surgery today at 1pm goes quickly and easily for you. I tried to call you last night and went to voice mail. I left you a jmessage though.

    Hi Ksea. found me. I am having fun now finding my way around. Visiting everyone's blogs, etc.

    It is early, I was up at 3am and down and back up at 6. Going to make coffee and breakfast for dh. Surp
  13. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Morning Scrap happy. Have a great weekend yourself. Maybe then come here and check things out again. I have a pad writing down what I figure out and what I need to ask. I like it ok so far. Like any change, it's a change but I won't let it defeat me. I can do this. LOL.
  14. BeeNana's Avatar
    Good morningeveryone.
    Zipit hopeall goes well with your surgery. I amsure Debbie will keep us updated if you can’t come here right after surgery.
    Good to seeeveryone visiting. Trying to drive thiscar….forward only, no reverse…….LOL
    Watch out kids, Debbie has the swatter!
  15. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Hello Beenana,l dh just let the cats in the house so havre to help get them out again. LOL.
  16. Mama Judy's Avatar
    Over the river (cause I don't swim) and through the woods (that was scary) to Debbie's house I go.
    I made it here, not sure how but, Good Morning Debbie.
  17. Joanieu's Avatar
    Good morning Sunshine and everyone - today is cold down to 22 degrees this morning... but not complaining, nope not at all...

    Zipit - hope all goes well with your surgery - I will check in with Debbie this afternoon to check on you.

    Beenana - so glad to see you on here - hope all is well with you...

    Acesgame - I will try to find your blog - good to see you here.
    All is good and need to get back to work - I just had to stop in and will try to every morning before I get loans. but I am off all next week - woohoo, will have DH setup laptop on the dining room table since I won't have to stay by it all day long... lol - 2 more weeks and hopefully no more crutches... Hope everyone has a wonderful day TGIF
  18. leiladylei54's Avatar
    Aloha & Good morning, Debbie!!!

    Let's hope for all of us meandering the QB site is easier and more productive today . LOL
  19. leiladylei54's Avatar
    Wow, did I figure out how to get to your blog???!!! If my post continues to stay here, then I think I did figure it out. Whew!!!

    This is what I did for those who are still trying to master this.

    1) Went to Member List
    2) Under search, typed in debbieumphress
    3) Clicked on debbie's name
    4) When her page info came up, clicked on "blog"
    5) When blog page came up, clicked on the top most blog post and this page came up with all of you.
    6) Yay....I think I FINALLY figured it out....probably took many more steps than necessary but I've been trying so hard
  20. BeeNana's Avatar

    Hi I amon a mission..............ha.
    Found out that if you go to advanced in the BLOG area the picture attachmentability is not the same as in the main section. Over there…………sounds like the war song…..over there, over there….

    Anywayon the MAIN it allows you to post a picture that is on your computer.
    Mentionedbefore that you can subscribe to the NEW blog but it doesn’t show in settingsat the top of the page where “old favorites” are. Correct me if I am confused.
    Sent acouple of clear notes as to what I found to the ‘contact us’ at the bottom ofscreen.
    BTWhello again…………………..catch those cats……….LOL
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