The Cursed Charity Quilt is done!

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by , 11-18-2013 at 10:42 PM (582 Views)
Did 2 charity quilts last week--one was a quick panto--worked great. Tried that for the 2nd one--what a disaster! It was just not a square quilt and the panto took off on the diagonal. So stopped and proceeded to "unsew" about 10" x lenght of quilt, which took almost 2 days! Then started over with SID and some ruler work, plus feathers in the borders. Not my proudest work but it's done!

Now it's time to work on some of my own Christmas stuff--a preprinted panel Christmas skirt for Son and Family; a wall/lap quilt for Daughter's. And a lap T-shirt quilt for hubbie.

Can't wait to get back to sewing--spent the weekend moving stuff in basement storage so that daughter could get some of my Mom's furniture; and today Hubbie and I planted 4 trees and I cleaned up the garden--Sore,sore,sore! Where did those muscles come from???

Finding this holiday season a bittersweet one. My Mom died last Dec 21 from congestion heart failure complications after a short illness. Last Christmas I was just plain numb from shock, grief and thoughts of getting estate settled. This Christmas we are celebrating a new grandson and daughter's engagement. But I still miss Mom! When I realized I had an inheritance, my hubbie suggested that I use the $$ for something that my Mom would have thought was neat--which resulted in my used Gammill. So now everytime I quilt I think of my Mom and have to smile--she was my first sewing teacher and loved that I had quilted her last quilt on a rental machine.


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