Customer quilt FINALLY finished

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by , 11-06-2013 at 07:29 PM (811 Views)
The customer quilt (first!!) that had been on the frame since this weekend is FINALLY finished!! I can not believe how much trouble I had with the tension. I used two "help calls" to long arm friends. Finally ended up changing bobbin cases, backlash washers and went from super loose settings and moved forward. Thank goodness I wasn't doing a super involved pattern--I ended up "unsewing" about the first 18" x 24"--practically wore out the backing! Hopefully, when I get it to the owner tomorrow she will like the job--keep your fingers crossed!

Hopefully, tomorrow I will also get the T-shirt quilt onto the frame. Would like to get it done fairly quickly, so even though I plan to custom quilt it to feature the fact that these are all dated KU basketball T's, I don't think it will be too hard--IF THE TENSION WORKS! I know with T's that you basically can not unsew on the T's--too big of mess. Holding my breath.


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