Day & Night in Black & Pink

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by , 07-25-2013 at 07:05 AM (1566 Views)
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Here's another beauty from Doris. I do wish the pink fabric would have shown better in the pictures. It is a light pink, but much richer than the pictures show. This is a large (107 x 107) quilt. Doris and I chose Hobbs Poly batting to help keep the quilt weight down. Even though I custom quilted this top I was able to quilt from inside the left border all the way across the top to just inside the right border. I used pink thread throught the body of the quilt and was amazed that it did not over power the black fabric, as all I saw when the quilt was completed was the texture of the quilting (that's what I like to see-texture-not stitching) The outside border was quite large so I divided it up and quilted it in 2 passes. I could have used the pink thread to divide it, but since I quilted the top outside border first I used black thread to divide, thanking I would be using black thread on the black fabric. As I proceeded I decided if I used the pink thread I could quilt across the quilt without tying off. Hence the black thread is only used to divide the outside border on all four sides.
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  1. mew542000's Avatar
    beautiful...love the quilting!
  2. Rhonda's Avatar
    Gorgeous quilt! Love the black and white!
  3. ELP's Avatar
    Your quilting is amazing. What a gorgeous quilt.
  4. Tribe's Avatar
    Gorgeous quilting, was it quilted on a dsm or lam?
  5. Quilter7x's Avatar
    Love your Day and Night. I have one in the works with blue, white and yellow. This block is so much easier to make than it looks. Love your quilting, it really compliments the quilt.

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