Dear Jane - "G" this is fun!! Half way there! (G7)

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by , 09-25-2012 at 08:50 AM (1593 Views)
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Here are G 3-7. I can't imagine how Jane did these without freezer paper! After doing G4, I thought I was done with teeny piecing for awhile but G6 was even harder!

Soooo glad to see that Jane’s original G6 block has the center “square” off at an angle exactly like mine! (or vice versa, actually) and that she also missed some points!

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Now I should finish the left side triangles to be 1/2 way done with those, too! Thanks for looking!
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  1. GV09's Avatar
    Hello, Kitsie!
    WOW! These are complicated! You will indicate me the path of what I expected to me! Lol! Seriously, sometimes I also think how sewed Jane these blocks in 1863 without all the "helpers" have now!
    Good weekend!
    A big hug!
  2. Kitsie's Avatar
    Happy weekend for you, too Gladys! Today I'm doing the last of the left side triangles! Then I am really half way finished!!

    Hug for you!

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