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Dear Jane quilt

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by , 07-19-2013 at 04:09 PM (514 Views)
Anyone out there stupid like me and doing the Dear Jane blocks? A good friend talked me into doing this and now she isn't even working on it and I am on row C. I doubt these blocks will ever get finished in my life time. I only hope my kids will see all the work I have put into these tiny blocks and maybe one of my daughter-in laws will finish them or one of my quilting friends will inherit them and they will not end up in the trash. I have a big pile of fabrics and keep getting more for this project, what is wrong with me. Thankfully some other friends in my bee are doing this too and we are sharing fabrics. The goal is to not use the same fabric twice. Although I plan on using my backgrounds more than once, just not the prints. I got the book for a dollar at a garage sale at a quilt guild. I just wanted to look at it! Now I also own the computer program for the patterns. The paper pieced ones are not so bad, but the ones you piece are sometimes wrong. I would not encourage anyone to start this project. Would love to hear some comments from others who have taken this on. Happy Quilting!
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