Dear Jane Stickle 2d Cyber Block Party - January 2012

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by , 01-07-2012 at 04:39 AM (431 Views)
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I promise you'll get used to it. (1) In the DJ software, click on "Design My Quilt" on the left side.
(2) At the top, click on "Libraries", then click "Block"
(3) At the bottom of the dialog box, click on "Search"
(3) Type "A-1" (without the quotes) and click "Search", then click OK
(4) Click on the block. Most often, I choose the original DJ block, not one of the variations.
(5) Click "Copy" and "Close"
(6) Click on "Print the Pattern" on the left side.
(7) Click on the print icon at the top just below "libraries"
(8) For A-1 in this case, select "Foundation Pattern".
(9) Click Options and check the "Mirror" box
(10) Click "Preview". Move the sections around if you need to, and click "Print" at the top of the screen.
I usually also print out the instructions in "that quilt". They're quite detailed and helpful.
Hope this helps.
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