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by , 03-09-2012 at 03:41 PM (1391 Views)
[QUOTE=Lioness3xs;5045472]Here's what I do with cement block walls and a quilting design wall.

I bought the large 3M plastic wall anchors. I stuck them to the wall about 3 inches below what would be the ceiling or floor joists and 12 inches apart. Next I bought flannel backed rectangle plastic table cloths. I folded down one edge of the shorter side of the table cloth. I then sewed button holes running the length of the buttonhole parrell with the edge of the table cloth. By running them this way it will allow for ease when hanging and if you are off a bit it won't matter. Then simply hang up the table cloth with the buttonholes slipped over the 3M hook.

I made a new table cloth for each of my current projecgts. I tend to have 3-4 going all the time, so it's easy to hang up just the one I want to work on.

Other benefits that I find works well with this notion.

I like to go to retreats and this makes transportation very easy and at all the sites there hasn't been and issue with applying 3M hooks to the walls which are easily removed when time to leave.

Also before transport, I add a few pins to the top portion of fabric pieces to keep them in place when unfurling and hanging up a project.

Spray basting smaller projects directly on the design wall makes it much easier for repositioning than laying it out on the floor and the spray basting adds to the stickiness of the flannel of the table cloth.

If the tablecloth looses it's tackiness, add more basting spray.

I've also cut the table cloths into 1.5 by 2 foot pieces, for laying out a new block and carrying them all to the sewing machine to keep them in order.

Watch for sales of table cloths at the end of various holidays. For $1 you'll have a great sewing aid.[/QUOTE]


  1. Jingle's Avatar
    Sound good to me. I don't have enough wall space for a design wall. I either do a couple of rows at a time and so on, just matching two rows at a time. I have a long countertop in my sewing room w/base cabinets and three upper cabinets. Some times I lay the quilt rows on our bed and mark the rows. Our house is small and pretty full of furnishings. Its not ideal but it works.

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