Diamond border help

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by , 07-26-2013 at 01:30 PM (1181 Views)
I want to create a 3.5 inch "finished" using strip piecing to make diamond blocks. See attachment. My question is what size do I cut the dark center strip and what size do I cut the 2 light strips so I come up with a 3.5 inch block strip to use in a border instead of the size made using the instructions i found online. You can send private msg if you wold like.

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  1. julie64's Avatar
    Hi Bevster! Are you saying that your border strip will be a finished 3 1/2" strip?
  2. julie64's Avatar
    Also, are you wanting to use the version A or version B method in your example?
  3. bevster's Avatar
    Julie64, Thanks for responding. I want to use B method. The border strip I am using in a "border" on my quilt. It does not matter what size the diamond square is in the middle, but not to make my quilt go over 100X100, and also to be able to have that "10-11" drop on the sides, the entire strip should finish at 3 or 4 inches. If I have diamonds (square) larger that that it will take away from the main VERY LARGE design in the middle of the quilt which measures 66X70. The quilt is only using 2 colors, navy and white. My email is bevlinsley at sign, if you email me, I can send a return email with a diagram from EQ as to the dimensions of each border etc. etc. and you can see what I am speaking of. Thank you so very much for responding. Bev

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