Difference Between Hobbs 80/20 and Warm and Natural?

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by , 10-01-2013 at 04:26 AM (1006 Views)
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i am at the end of a roll of Warm and White, and contemplating purchasing a new roll of batting. While I have been happy with W and W, I think I want something new.

I am wondering, what is the difference between Hobbs 80/20 and Warm and Natural, from your experience?

Thanks in advance, to all you wonderful people, for your expertise!
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  1. Judith1005's Avatar
    I have a bunch of the Warm and Natural. And, I like it very much. I find it lays flat really really well. But, when it is gone, I'm am going to buy the Hobbs 80/20. I find it "crinkles" nice when you wash it. So, it really is about how you want your quilts to lay. I am certain there are other threads (conversation topics) here on the board that have a lot of info also.
  2. mdstudey's Avatar
    Warm and Natural is 100% cotton, lays flat, and drapes really well. After washing it gives it that nice old time crinkled look. Hobbs 80/20 is 80% cotton and 20% poly. It has a nice very, very, low loft (compared to 100% poly). It quilts nicely. It is the one I use most of the time when quilting at work and what most customers want. I have not found an 80/20 in white, so when a customer has a quilt in white, I suggest the Warm and White. It will keep the white part from looking dingy.

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