Digitizing embroidery

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by , 11-18-2013 at 11:17 AM (792 Views)
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I just bought a Janome embroidery machine MC350E. I'm really enjoying it. I would love to be able to digitize my yorkie photos into embroidery designs for a quilt. Is it difficult to do this and how pricey is the software.
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  1. ELP's Avatar
    Expensive is a relative term. Digitizing software can be $2000 or more. Also, in order to use it will you need a lot of training. If you know someone who digitizes, it would probably be easier and cheaper to have them digitize for you and pay them. I have the Floriani software and have taught it. However, it isn't easy. But the updates are free. In the end it depends on how much $$$ and effort you want to put in.
  2. aquiltersheart's Avatar
    There are embroidery websites that will digitize designs for you, inexpensive and sometimes the same day. Sorry, I do not have the addresses for these, but google " same day embroidery digitizing" and that should help. Hope this helps you, Lisa ( aquiltersheart)

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