Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt

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by , 01-15-2014 at 09:16 AM (1182 Views)
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my attempt at understanding the instructions for the disappearing pinwheel churn dash block.

FABRIC: two layer cakes. one solid colour /one floral contrasting colours SIZE: - 10 inch sq. - precut fabric
choose one solid and one floral -put them right sides together.
sew all the way around the outside edge 1/4 inch
cut it both directions diagonally [IMG]file:///C:\Users\MADELE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\ 01\clip_image002.jpg[/IMG]
you have your four half-square triangles. - press open.
set them together as a pinwheel then sew pinwheel together like a four patch [IMG]file:///C:\Users\MADELE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\ 01\clip_image004.jpg[/IMG]
Measure your pinwheel block (12 inches) Draw a line down the middle
Measuring out from the Middle cut 2 1/8 inches from middle on all four sides
Note: IF -12 inch pinwheel cut 2 inches from centre
take the two striped squares - turn these to the outside - all four of those
and then pieces on the right - turn them to the middle
and it makes a shoo fly block - with your pinwheel in the centre [IMG]file:///C:\Users\MADELE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\ 01\clip_image006.jpg[/IMG]
sew together like a nine patch
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  1. quiltingshorttimer's Avatar
    think I'm following these directions--sure would like to see a picture as it sounds pretty cool!
  2. Sandygirl's Avatar
    I saw this quilt block at a shop yesterday. I "figured" that it was cut just like the DP9 but I had to take a class to find out. Shop is too far for me to learn this but i figured this Board would confirm my least a part of it. The block is really cool.

    treat these instructions as your mini "mystery" block and just make it. No I do not have a photo of the block but tonight I will make one. Off to work!


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