Do you cook dinner every night?

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by , 02-10-2019 at 01:00 PM (114 Views)
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In general I like to cook but the "what to make" is a continual challenge. Today my husband woke me from a nap asking what's for dinner (sigh). I offered to make a take-out run but he was fine with a ham and cheese sandwich. We are seniors and enjoy eating out (mostly lunch) a few times a week but I still feel cooking is my responsibility. I just don't feel like making a "production" every night. Can you relate?
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  1. jothesewer2's Avatar
    We are in our 80's and eat out about once a week. Our meals are not large always but try to eat healthy. Cooking is so easy to do, mostly half hour to prepare.
  2. sewsue's Avatar
    We are retired and lucky for me I have a hubby that loves to cook. So when I get stuck in my quilting mode and need something done, he does the food. I have even taught him how to bake bread. got to keep him busy on rainy days so that I can have lots of stitching time!!!

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