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do you have this machine

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by , 01-03-2013 at 04:32 PM (589 Views)
I just purchased a Singer Patchwork Model #7285Q machine, any one have this machine or know why they are not going to sell it anymore, I am new at this I have not purchased a sewing machine in 15 years i dont know about the computerized machines any comments? HELP
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  1. TraceyinSC's Avatar
    I have this Machine. i purchased it at Joann's after Thanksgiving. It's a fantastic machine. I've had no trouble with it. I've done 2 quilt tops and a tote bag with it, and not one complaint about it. I was nervous about buying it. The only place (at the time) I could find any information for it was on the Joann website. Since then it has shown up on the Singer website as well. No clue why its not on Joann's anymore. It also appears to be the same as the "Stylist". Just different accesories.

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