Does anyone else have anxiety designing a quilt???

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by , 07-11-2013 at 09:05 PM (1437 Views)
I have been quilting for almost a year, made 2 quilts I have loved, and now I am in the beginning stages of designing a quilt for my grandson's twin bed, 3 years old. Every time I start the process of figuring out how I want to design a quilt, I get so much anxiety, I made the carpenter's star, now I want to try and design the quilt around it. I get cranky and tired, at times I want to give up. That's where I am right now. I am frustrated with myself, I am worried I will not be able to figure something out that will turn out nice and I will have wasted my time and resources. Anyone have any advice how to push through this phase that happens every time I start a new quilt?
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  1. Judith1005's Avatar
    Debbie Marie, Deep breath. You can do this. Are you going to design it with borders around. Look up round robin quilts here or on google to get ideas. There is a great book called "Liberated Medallion Quilts" by Gwen Marston or "60 Pieced Borders: Mix & Match" by Judy L. Laquidara. These also have some great ideas. (Maybe check your local library for them.)

    Here is a couple of ideas from here on the quiltboard for round robin pictures:
    Hope this doesn't give you to much inspiration.
  2. marcycn's Avatar
    I've finished 11 quilts in my first year of quilting and there have been major times when I just sat and thought about things. First was figuring out the pattern. The next step was fabric. Laying it out and placing was a challenge and on a few of them it took a few days of looking, changing, thinking before I had it the way I wanted it. Once I had that all done and sewn together the last was the backing and how to bind and quilt it. Not wanting to cut into the beautiful fabric was a hurdle to overcome but they all came out beautifully.

    Bottom line: do a step and then step back and ponder.... another step and so on until you are confident all is well. I've had my share of ripping out and correcting mistakes. I'm not sure the anxiety of starting a new quilt ever goes away. :-( Mine are here if anyone is interested.

    There is sooooo much online to help with everything. People here are great support and if you need videos there are more than we have time to watch. :-) You can do it!!
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